Monday, April 13, 2015

Time is going by so fast

Well this week was very interesting. So much news. Well in 2 days is changes, and today we get to know who has changes. Im pretty sure my companion has changes because he has been in this area for 6 months.

Well the good news is that la union is opening up a new area, and we are getting sister missionaries in la union. The area that we have right now will be the area that they will get because its the safest area. We are being moved further away to a place called bella vista, beautiful view. Its like the rich neighborhood. We will be working in a new but a little bit dangerous area. We will have Huisquil, belen, and bella vista. Huisquil and belen we cant enter beyond like 7 because there are no lights and its dangerous. But Huisquil is my favorite place because theres a lot of success there. We are very far from the church and the center of la union, we will have to take buses to church and a tax from grocery shopping. If my companion leaves then its going to be really hard because I don't know those areas except for huisquil and the new companion wont know la union. Its like starting from scratch haha.

Well all of thursday, friday, and saturday, I spent with one of the zone leaders. He was sick so I was like babysitting him. His house is gigantic and has air conditioning, the only house in the mission that does. It was fun but boring. Friday I had to go to San Miguel for a zone leaders meeting with stake president and mission president. I put in a little input but not much because im not a zone leader haha. I wasnt able to shower for 3 days nor shave because my stuff was in the house and my companion has the keys and he was with the other zone leader doing interviews in a different town, called perquin. Que chuko.

almost in my 7th change, time is going by so fast.

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