Monday, November 30, 2015

Sick but focused

I've been sick forever with the cold and it wont go away, its nothing serious according to our manual so I cant call the nurse. Yes I can take pictures but I haven't been focused on that. I've been working my butt off to get baptisms and we finally will have 3, one this Friday and two next Tuesday. I love you too mom. Just to make YOU baggy, I have 33 weeks left, out of 105 en total. Yeah, after the new year its all down hill. I would have never imagined myself in another country during 3 different years. Love you all.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Combining areas - more luck?

We were able to go to the mall this week. I am staying here in Usulutan but receiving a new comp. No I haven't gotten any boxes yet. I am keeping focused on my mission. We are struggling right now, no one is wanting to go to church. We just haven't had any luck. I heard they are going to combine my area with another area and I am receiving a new comp. My area will be bigger and we will see what happens. I just make ham and turkey sandwiches that's all. There is no time for exercise hardly. I will get to do more when I go home. Nah we don't nap. I'll tell you at the end of the mission more. Pictures below with some of his past companions.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Resist being baggy

9 months and 15 days. My new companion is Elder Wade and he dies this change, I’m killing him too. I am learning how to resist being baggy jaja. I learned at general conference, it may be best to have younger children learn to share their testimonies at such times as family home evening or when giving talks in Primary until they are old enough to do so in fast and testimony meeting. I also learned about faith, with the example from M Russell Ballard. There are two families that I’m close to. 11 of November are our next change and no, no service projects yet, we are trying to plan one. The weather stays the same, there really is no hotter or cooler. My pant size is 32/30. I will send a picture, just haven’t used my camera lately because where we are at it’s a little dangerous. Like Saturday night we ran into some gang members but they didn’t notice us. It was funny and scary. It was about 7 a night. It gets pitch black here by 6. We ate something bad a couple days ago so me and my comp we were sick but nothing too bad. I’ll come back and cook eggs, beans, and tortillas for you guys. I’m all good, just trucking along. Love you mom

Monday, September 14, 2015

Several little emails, got his package, practically brothers

Hi mom, I have learned how to use the book of Mormon better. My comp and I we are practically brothers. We are really close. He goes by Zoro. We worked with the assistants so yeah they have good influence. My week has been great though; we worked with the assistants and had some success. We never got a chance to go to the mall. Nah it’s all good sharing the gospel, not many problems with sharing. I’m having a little baggyness but eh haha. My hand has healed well. Spanish is like a 10-5*1.5. My comp is baggy but doing well. I got my package I liked it a lot. Thanks mom. I g2g now. We are only taking a little to write today.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Changes and a dying companion

Hey mom, how is it going? I got transfers and now I am in Usulutan El Salvador with a very cool companion. What is cool is he is dying this change so I am the one to kill him.  Dying in the mission means he ends his mission this change. (whew) One thing this week is that he got permission from president to go to the mall and I don't have money or a little because I have been using it on travel, food, and bathroom stuff. Over there is a sports store in which I need to get a few things that are important. I need new socks because they are all ruined. Nike socks work the best because a comp gave me a pair and they have lasted since then. I need new soccer shoes because my last ones I gave to my old comp because he needed them more than I did because he has no money and his only pair of shoes are like super ruined. And I need to get a couple of pants because I only have 3 pairs that work and I don't like using them for more than 2 days because they end up smelling and we don't have a working pila. I really need this stuff and this is like the only chance I get to go to the mall because generally its not allowed but he got special permission because he is dying this change. I also want to get a gift for him because he has been a friend for a long time in the mission when I was in La Union and he was in Santa Rosa de Lima. His name is Elder S.  We should have a baptism this change, the investigator needs an interview from president. But the area is good, hard to learn but I will get there. No I did not get the box, its wasn't there at changes. In the Spanish hymn book its number 208 Brilla Rayos de Clemencia my favorite hymn right now. Thanks mom for all that you have done for me, thank you for always providing for me and I will try best to be better, in saving money, my attitude and other things.  Love you too mom!