Monday, October 12, 2015

Resist being baggy

9 months and 15 days. My new companion is Elder Wade and he dies this change, I’m killing him too. I am learning how to resist being baggy jaja. I learned at general conference, it may be best to have younger children learn to share their testimonies at such times as family home evening or when giving talks in Primary until they are old enough to do so in fast and testimony meeting. I also learned about faith, with the example from M Russell Ballard. There are two families that I’m close to. 11 of November are our next change and no, no service projects yet, we are trying to plan one. The weather stays the same, there really is no hotter or cooler. My pant size is 32/30. I will send a picture, just haven’t used my camera lately because where we are at it’s a little dangerous. Like Saturday night we ran into some gang members but they didn’t notice us. It was funny and scary. It was about 7 a night. It gets pitch black here by 6. We ate something bad a couple days ago so me and my comp we were sick but nothing too bad. I’ll come back and cook eggs, beans, and tortillas for you guys. I’m all good, just trucking along. Love you mom

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