Thursday, December 25, 2014


I have no pictures, just in my head, of my missionary sitting there watching me, and me watching him.  We talked and laughed and he got to see some of his family.  He had a good Christmas and was taken care of. He looks handsome as can be and seems to be healthy.  I feel really blessed to have him in my life and know he is receiving many blessings for doing the Lord's work.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Trying something different... use the translate to the left

Lunes (Monday) Bueno, como siempre, Día de preparación es en lunes. Así nos preparamos por la semana. Llegamos en Ilobasco por el día, planear por una actividad de Navidad. Nuestra actividad es "Dodge Ball" y quisimos cantar también. Después una hora de discutir y escoger, decidimos ir a jugar fútbol, por como tres horas. No llegamos a sensuntepeque hasta séis. No tuvimos mucho tiempo para bañarnos y cambiar, chafa. 

Martes (Tuesday) No mucho hoy, solamente tuvimos una entrevista con uno de nuestro investigadores por bautismo. y ahora tenemos un bautismo este Sábado. 

Miércoles (Wednesday) Buena, hoy fue nuestra actividad de Navidad. Tuvimos que levantarnos a las cinco en la mañana para montar un bús privado a San Salvador. Muy cansado. El día sí mismo fue divertido. Jugamos foosball, dodge ball, y otros juegos. Almuerzo fue asombroso. Como cinco estrellas. Tal vez porque solamente como yo es pupusas. Tuvimos fotos y otras cosas. No terminamos hasta cinco. Fue dos horas hasta llegamos a sunsuntepeque. Pero, lo que fue chivo fue el conductor me dejó ser su asistente. Así cuando estuvimos cerca de sensunte, yo fui permitido a gritar afuera la ventana "Sensunte, Sensunte, Sensunte" o "Suba, Suba, Suba" y "Sale!". 

Jueves (Thursday) Nada, solamente borrachos. 

Viernes (Friday) Lo mismo ja ja. 

Sábado (Saturday) Tuvimos un bautismo hoy. Raul Seravia, 53 años de edad. Mi tercero bautismo en mi misión ja ja. 

Domingo (Sunday) Iglesia y nada más especial ja ja.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Package has arrived!!!

Hey mom, I finally got the package and I loved it. I love the goldfish. And thanks for sending me a album book. I really needed pictures of the family. I´m still continuing eating the goldfish and swissrolls. Next time, sour patch kids, a bunch of them. Oh and happy late birthday, I thought the 14 was today but no it´s the 15. And mom, it says you can feel it within 33 km, I´m like 100 km away from san salvador, let alone guatemala lol. And they are called pupusas. And no I don´t cook anymore. I´m getting fat like crazy and I barely eat so idk what´s happening lol. and I got a new companion but I´m still in the same area. I´m practically companion mayor. We play cage soccer, so imagine a cage the size of your house and two goals at each end, that´s what we play in. I´ve been practicing a lot. I want to go down there with you guys and play for your teams.

Monday, December 8, 2014

My accent is better

Everything is going great mom, we had a baptism this week and that´s 2 baptisms to start off my mission, and they were all in this change. Yes we moved houses. We have a lot more baptismal dates for the next change that are secure so I hope I stay, everyone says I have a high chance of staying. My spanish is fine, my accent is better, I just need to increase my vocabulary by ten fold. I took out money because the mission president said we need to have covers for out scriptures and stuff and we found a guy that makes hand made freaking amazing covers and I got covers for my bible, book of mormon, preach my gospel, and my hymnal. But other than that, I´m fine with everything else. Tell me more about WoW and yes Dominican Republic is spanish speaking. (República Dominica), ok mom love ya too

Monday, December 1, 2014

Doing fine

Hey mom, thanks for the quote. Everything is fine here. We are moving today. Nothing much else.