Monday, December 15, 2014

Package has arrived!!!

Hey mom, I finally got the package and I loved it. I love the goldfish. And thanks for sending me a album book. I really needed pictures of the family. I´m still continuing eating the goldfish and swissrolls. Next time, sour patch kids, a bunch of them. Oh and happy late birthday, I thought the 14 was today but no it´s the 15. And mom, it says you can feel it within 33 km, I´m like 100 km away from san salvador, let alone guatemala lol. And they are called pupusas. And no I don´t cook anymore. I´m getting fat like crazy and I barely eat so idk what´s happening lol. and I got a new companion but I´m still in the same area. I´m practically companion mayor. We play cage soccer, so imagine a cage the size of your house and two goals at each end, that´s what we play in. I´ve been practicing a lot. I want to go down there with you guys and play for your teams.

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