Monday, December 8, 2014

My accent is better

Everything is going great mom, we had a baptism this week and that´s 2 baptisms to start off my mission, and they were all in this change. Yes we moved houses. We have a lot more baptismal dates for the next change that are secure so I hope I stay, everyone says I have a high chance of staying. My spanish is fine, my accent is better, I just need to increase my vocabulary by ten fold. I took out money because the mission president said we need to have covers for out scriptures and stuff and we found a guy that makes hand made freaking amazing covers and I got covers for my bible, book of mormon, preach my gospel, and my hymnal. But other than that, I´m fine with everything else. Tell me more about WoW and yes Dominican Republic is spanish speaking. (República Dominica), ok mom love ya too

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