Monday, April 27, 2015

Tazer, Pepper Spray, and a Seventy

Well with what an interesting name comes some interesting stories. Well as we all know a lot of teenage boys in one room can cause havoc, well maybe it happened at this time. Well, our zone leader has a flashlight and we were like okay cool, until he pressed a button and it sent out volts of energy. Uh oh, not what a room full of missionaries needed. So after moments of pondering and thinking, the other zone leader sparked an idea, lets grab each other and stand in a circle and I will shock one of you guys! Well...we tried it, but it took awhile until someone was brave enough. He went around to everyone and they backed out. So he came to me and I was like, well, how bad can it really be? So he got me in the arm, but it wasnt strong at all, only I felt it, but was more of a burning than anything. I got a circle imprinted on my arm haha. Then he shocked everyone, but what was funniest is when he tried to shock the other zone leader who is Japanese, he let go of all of us and he shocked him and he fell to the ground squirming. Then we were like yeah, we're done haha. He tased him in the butt. So like a couple days before that, the same zone leader looked through that cabinet and found a can, it was with all the shoe polish and stuff. He thought it was a like a shoe freshener or something and he sprayed it in his shoes. We were all around him and all the sudden one of the missionaries started to cough, then we all did at the same time. We all coughed for like 10 minutes until one of them picked up the bottle and read, "Police Mace" haha. So we all got pepper sprayed but indirectly. It was all funny. 
 Wednesday, Elder Alonso came to San Miguel to speak to us. He's the 2nd counselor in the Area presidency. He was very inspirational and there was one question he had for us: Which is better, if a person goes to church and takes the sacrament but their thoughts are somewhere else, or someone that is at work and takes time out of their work time to sit down and pray and think about the sacrament and jesus' sacrifices? Thats really powerful and makes me think that we need to focus on what's really important in church and focus on the true meaning of the sacrament.

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