Monday, April 20, 2015

Ew what's that smell?

We had changes, I got a new companion named elder Jones, hes that trainer of elder brinkherhoff. Our zone got even bigger because they combined la union and rio grande together so now we have la union, santa rosa de lima, gotera, and rio grande in our zone. We recieved sister missionaries in our zone so they took our old area and we got a new area. Now there are 3 areas in la union. Our area now is a little bit of our old area and a chunk of the zone leaders area. So Its all practically new to me. We had to 2 baptisms this saturday. That will be 9 baptisms for me. Our goal is 4 baptisms every month. Last month we achieved it and this month we have 2 more. Next month we have 5 planned baptisms. My companion is an old zone leader, and elder brinkerhoff told me that I am in district leader training, thats why they lowered a zone leader to a senior companion was to train me. Which is fine with me. I hope I do well this change. We changed houses and this one is surprisingly gigantic. So much room for just missionaries. We have like nothing. Our pila doesn't work so we can't wash clothes and half the lights in the house don't work. I think there is a problem with the drainage system because it always smells like poop when I get home, ew. Our area is so far away from the church. We have to take a bus to get there. What also stinks is that the market is also so far away and we have to carry all of that stuff back to our house. other than this there was not much more this week.

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