Monday, March 23, 2015

Baptisms, Heat, and Scorpions

March 16, 2015
Today was P-day so all we did was do your shopping and play soccer. Not much but at night we found a family of 8 people. One of the sons was born in Cleveland, Ohio and lived there for 3 years. It was pretty cool to see that Salvadorans are everywhere.

March 17, 2015
Not much today other than we have 2 confirmed baptisms for the 26th now, this area is amazing for baptisms. I guess the more you suffer (by heat) the more blessings you get. We also had dinner at the bishop’s house and we ate the honduran version of a pupusa. It was pretty good.

March, 18 2015
We confirmed another baptism for this Friday, and this kid loves me. He wants me to baptize him. We also got two new baptism dates for the 11th of April. Not sure if they are secure but we will just see. I have to go on interchanges again tomorrow because the zone leaders have to interview one of our investigators for baptism. I hope it all goes well.

March 20, 2015
I loved today so much. My investigator named Miguel had his birthday today. He invited us over for lunch. And well, it was interesting. They served us this chicken soup that was freshly made like an hour before we got there. There was chicken blood in there, a couple organs, cabbage, uka, and other stuff. And on the side we had the rest of the chicken. Then we graffitied his house with our names and happy birthday. Then later that night we baptized that little booger. I baptized him, and I think he almost cried. He’s like my own son. We took a lot of photos and we had a lot more fun. That’s 4 baptisms and by the end of this change I should have 12.

March 21, 2015
Not much stuff new today except for another baptism. We baptized my companions lover. I love my laundry lady so much, she irons and folds all my cloths and they smell good stainless when I get them back. My companion is trying to teach me a little bit of graffiti and its cool. The team that represents La Union in basketball wants to recruit us to play for them. We were like nah we are only missionaries and we just want to play in your gym on Mondays, haha. I’m starting to practice more basketball again because that’s the sport that I love the most. One of our baptism dates for next week fell because this 70 year old can’t stop drinking coffee >.< but he’s so cool and kind and he thinks that we are equivalent to the Pope so he always calls us papa. For lunch this member invited us to lunch and I almost died, it was a so much food. Big piece of chicken, half a plate of rice, potatoes with a really good sauce, and salad with bread. AMAZING! In the morning we played soccer at 5am as a district. We were all dead except for Elder Brinkerhoff because he took his oxidizers, muscle milk, and multivitamins too haha broma. My companion at night slept on the ground because it was so hot, I slept with 2 fans on my face so it was all right. It’s bad when you have to take at least 3 showers a day to smell decent and avoid heat rash. I love La Union

March 22, 2015
Found a scorpion in our house.

Love you guys!

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