Monday, March 9, 2015

La Union here I come!

4 Marzo 2015, Miercoles
 Many new things have came, Cambios!!! And well, I had changes. I`m not a secretary anymore. When the presentation came to show who goes where, my name did not show for like 99% of the presentation and then the last slide of the presentation says: Elder Ma´alona with Elder Grimes in..."La Unión"!!! I was so excited and nervous. La Union is the hottest place in central America and the furthest area away from the capital of El Salvador. It took us 6 hours to drive to our new area. It is right next to the ocean. It smells like fish all the time  My companion is awesome. He´s a samoan from california. He gave me an Ielavalava which is like a cloth skirt that they wear. It is so cool. And also our leader of the zone is Elder Brinkerhoff! He was with me in Sensuntepeque. It is so hot, at night it feel like 100. But I´m ready to take a dip into this fire and come out a better person.
5 Marzo 2015, Jueves
Well today was my first day to experience true heat. We are talking about 110-120 heat index. But it is bearable. I had this cool experience in the street. This guy comes up to us and tell us that he hears that we believe that the book of mormon is the only true word of God. I took initiative and I told him that we believe the book of mormon to be the word of God and also the Biblia as long as it is translated correctly. And then I told him about the history of the book of mormon and how Joseph Smith translated it. Then he wanted us to come by and talk more about. So we got a reference out of it. Then later we got to our appointment, the guy is named Adam Lopez. He lived in new york for like his whole life so he speaks fluent english. He has had such a hard life. He grew up bad and got involved in gangs in his whole life. He´s done a lot of bad stuff but he has such a strong testimony of the church. He said that a pastor passed by and told him tat he should burn the book of mormon but he told the pastor to get out of this house. He had an interview with the mission president. The president had to send a recommendation to Salt Lake because he had such a bad history. But the mission president told him not worry because h had a change of heart and truly wanted to find God.
6 Marzo, Viernes
Well today was a tiring day. We had to wake up at 1:00am. Want to know why? Because my companion had to go to migration in San Salvador. We caught the 3:00am bus to San Salvador. Not to mention that is was extremely hot. Five hours later of a terrible bus ride we got to San SAlvador. We got to the office and all they did was take his fingerprints, that was it. It took 10 minutes. We were so annoyed. Then we got back onto the bus and we got to La Union at about 5. Qué Chafa. Then we did some planning, went to go eat at the 1st counselors house, came back, and we crashed super early. My companion was not feeling good and had a terrible day. He told me this: More blessing, More problems and these are all the things that happened:
-Maria (his stalker) keeps calling
-stomach and throat hurt
-no sleep
-hot bus (5 hrs)
-Robbed on the bus by the attendant
-Just fingerprints
-Hot bus again (5 hrs)
-Didn´t get to finish planning
-He blames his stomachache on me haha

Well that´s our day. TIme for a better but hotter day tomorrow.

Elder Grimes
La Misión San Salvador El Salvador Este

Moroni 8:25-26
25  Y las primicias del arrepentimiento es el bautismo; y el bautismo viene por la fe para cumplir los mandamientos; y el cumplimiento de los mandamientos trae la remisión de los pecados;
 26  y la remisión de los pecados trae la mansedumbre y la humildad de corazón; y por motivo de la mansedumbre y la humildad de corazón viene la visitación del Espíritu Santo, el cual Consolador llena de esperanza y de amor perfecto, amor que perdura por la diligencia en la oración, hasta que venga el fin, cuando todos los santos morarán con Dios.

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