Monday, October 13, 2014

Trying my hardest

gracias mom, I´m trying my hardest.

Elder Grimes you're doing a tremendous job persevering. I am sure it is a struggle but you are a very strong, determined young man. I know when you let the Lord guide you, you will not fall. You are doing his work and he loves you and will bless you always. What you're seeing and experiencing is ALOT different than the United States but it will make you stronger than ever. It will teach you valuable lessons for your life to come. God put you there and needs you there because your the Elder who can make a difference in someones life. If you smile, stay as positive as you can, keep your manners to everyone things will seem a bit easier. Prayer will be your answer for everything right now. That is what God wants, is that communication with him, relying on him, knowing he is the one that will be with you, guide and comfort you. Let him. I love you so much. I saw Meet the Mormons and of course bawled during the Missionary Mom. That is similar to my story. She said she had to give her son to god to do his work and so do I. You were a loaner to me but I will get you back one day. Just like her my head tells me what is right but my heart just wants to protect you and feel other things. I absolutely loved that movie. Just remember you are not alone. You are loved by everyone and we all keep you in our hearts and prayers! -momma

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