Monday, July 27, 2015

I love mango, fresh from the tree.

Well this week has been really really really really really frustrating.  This area is very difficult.  It is far away from the chapel and it’s very big and no one wants to go to church. I’ve been working my butt off this week to put new baptism dates and no one accepts.  I have a feeling I’m getting transferred this next change.  On Friday we found this old man who is very catholic. He was talking with my comp for a while and he was just going to town yelling at him and telling him that he’s lying. Then he brought up baptisms for the dead and that is when I joined in. with the scripture in 1 Corinthians 15:29 in which is a rhetorical question as to why would we baptize the dead if the dead don’t rise but obviously the dead rise so we need to do baptisms for the dead.  I haven’t really eaten weird foods because that’s not allowed in the mission. I love mango though, fresh from the tree.  I really love the OSU pillow case. The new shoes are really good and the next changes are the 19th of August.  I plan on playing runescape in college because it’s simple hahaha. Diego won’t recognize me when I get home and he won’t like me :(  I have less than I year left because I go home the 20 of July.  In 3 months is my 3rd general conference.  In 5 is Christmas.  5 months and we will talk again. The Indianapolis temple looks good and looks like rob enjoyed it.  How’s his progress?  He will be baptized in this next year, I know it. And I want an orange fluffy cat and call him Leon and a huskie and call him lobo. haha  When windows 10 comes out tell me all about it. And no my camera is not broken; I safeguard it all the time.  It’s just I haven’t been able to send pictures through wifi.  But when I get a chance I will.  I could use a new journal but like an actually missionary journal, and a calendar hand made by you so it has special dates and cool sayings and stuff.  Love you mom para siempre jamas

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