Monday, November 24, 2014

My First Baptism!!!

All is good last week, I had my first baptism and I was the one who baptized him.  I´ll send pictures. Yeah Amy told me that she is staying for Thanksgiving.  I´ll go say happy birthday to grandma.  Thanksgiving is only in United States.  I´ve been to the San Salvador temple, I went 2 weeks after I got here, and I´m going again 6th of December with investigators.  No boxes yet.  Also I want WoW, I want to play it again when I get back.  I haven´t moved yet.  Pupusas and Del Valle is all that I eat and drink.  I´ve gained weight but I work out each day.  I need Oil for blessing.  But other than that, everything is fine.  Well my plan was to buy a razor laptop and a tablet, stay at home and pay rent for my room while I go to college at wright state.    love you too mom.

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