Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Good Advice - Wear a matching suit!

Everything is organized and yes I have, I got sick. Everyone has gotten sick. There´s 1000 people here. I´m sleeping fine.

I got the picture from grandma, and it will be fine. Living in huts on cots is just like camping.

People who have been to my mission say that I will barely be living in the city, I will be mostly living in villages.

Yeah I´m fine, everyone is homesick, idk why. Weather never passes 70 and rains every day. México city is in a valley about 4k ft about sea level.

Take a picture of my room and send it, and pictures of everything. 

My weeks are all the same, same thing everyday. I did get to give a talk in all Spanish.  

There are no mission leaders at the CCM. the CCM president talked with me for wearing black pants and my grey suit.  

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  1. Pictures? Is someone else homesick now. :D